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im 27 i am extremely shy unless you talk first i live with my brother Rob and his boyfriend Jerry i am a cat person but my last 2 cats sunshine and sundance died one was hit by a car and the other was just to sick when i got her.

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Favorite Quote a friend is someone that reaches for your hand but touches your heart instead
Horoscope Leo
Special day 7-27
Books anything good i will read anything
Music Country and almost all but metal it gives me migranes
Movies crank,die hard 4,all the jaws, all the texas chainsaw mass.,all the saw movies, are we there yet and are we done yet,all the mandy moore movies,whos that girl,desperately seeking susan,whats up doc
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I Have a Confession

im weird i know that i have a weird need to taste things even if they are not food just because they smell fruity if you are my friend and sat beside me smelling like any kind of fruit chances are you... [more]
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  • I Wtk the "Abc's" of Your Life

    ABCs of My Life         A - Age:25 B - Band right now: fall out boy-thanks for the memories C - Chore you hate: none if someone ask me… [more]
  • I Have Panic Attacks

    I Hate Panic Attacks i have had panic attacks since i was 15  and the littlest things can trigger them  such as being in big crouds or in small cars or walking alone sometimes even just being on a phone can t… [more]
  • I Lost My Brother

    I Lost My Little Brother 17 Years Ago My little brother Steven was born june 17.1990 he was born with spinabifida and water on his brain he  was blind  couldnt drink or use the restroom on his own he was in and out of the hos… [more]
  • I Respect My Elders

    I Love the Elderly i have always loved them  my mom said  when i was a little girl i would sneak out of the house and she would get all scared searching everywhere for me anbd would find me at my best frien… [more]
  • im extremely shy

    Posted on: June 24th, 2009 at 6:24PM

    im really friendly and love to have fun the problem is ive always been kind of sheltered i never had more than one friend all through school many years i didnt even have one so now that im older its hard for me just to talk to people but if they talk to me first i can do it once i get to know the people its hard to get me to stop talking My mood: very hopeful… [more]


  • just a survey i did sorry you will probly see alot

    Posted on: June 25th, 2009 at 12:21AM

    BASIC: NAME: gloria-jean BIRTH DAY: july 27 AGE: 23 HAIR COLOR: bleach blondeish EYE COLOR: blue SCHOOL: graduated in 2004 DO YOU HAVE A JOB? no FAVORITE COLOR: rainbow and black FAVORITE FOOD: fruits and veggies DO YOU HAVE PETS? yes 1 cat named kutter and 3 birds DO YOU DRIVE? no SMOKE: yes DRINK: sometimes SHORT THIS OR THAT: COKE OR PEPSI: pepsi HUGS OR KISSES: hugs Mcdonolds OR BURGER KING: BURGER KING NIGHT OR DAY: night FRIENDSHIP: BESTFRIEND: robby AGE: 26 DO YOU TALK OFTEN? used to WHERE DID YOU MEET? when i was born WHY ARE THEY YOUR BESTFRIEND? hes awesome LAST TIME YOU TALKED? 3 or 4 days ago OPPISIT SEX:! HAIR… [more]


  • short survey

    Posted on: June 30th, 2009 at 1:04AM

    Question 1: I Am Forming the Cool E P Chicks Club: No Question 2: I Love Sunsets: Yes Question 3: I Am Lost In the Void: No Answer Question 4: I Have Dreams That Won't Come True: Yes Question 5: I Want to Have a House By the Beach: Yes Question 6: I Have Had 2 Miscarriages: No Question 7: I Love Geeky Girls: No Answer Question 8: I Missed Out On So Many Things Growing Up: No Answer Question 9: I Am Wiccan (new Age): No Question 10: I Have Trusting Issues and Low Self Esteem: Yes … [more]


  • the basics in your life

    Posted on: June 25th, 2009 at 12:32AM

    the basics What's your favorite color? rainbow and black What's your favorite animal? kitten shark and snake Who's your role model? my mother Family How many siblings do you have? 2 sisters 2 1/2 sisters 1 1/2 brother and alot that 4 people i claim as my brother and sisters How many people live in your house? 3 How many animals do you have 4 Where do you live(trailor, mansion, regular house )? house Freinds Who is your most valuable freind? robby nikki britt tyler mikey Which freind do you look up to the most? robby How many best freinds do/did you have? 6 How many freinds have moved out of your city? i moved not them Would you rather have... coke or spri… [more]