Male , 26-30

I am a deep,caring, complex & intelligent person.
I love taking in new ideas and learning about everyone & everything.
I have some unique capability to understand anything I set my mind to..
I always get hung up on descriptions
it takes me forever and I waste hours trying to perfect it,

So instead, I'm just going to run a list of my interests. That should pretty much cover it.
Vocationally: I utilize my self-taught skills
in computers, electronics & mechanics to provide for myself.
It's great cause I get to pick my own hours.
Mostly I just do remote desktop support for ppl all over the country.
Easy work and stuff I've been doing for myself since a kid.
This allows me a great deal of freedom and flexability so I can travel etc..
Currently my car is in shambles though...
I miss my old car...
Had all kinds of coolness in it :) and none of that store-bought stuff..
we're talking Classic Geek building & modding his own stuff. Hell I even rebuilt my Amp

Music,Conversation,Anime,Movies,Video Games,Outdoor activities,
Philosophy,Theology,Star Trek,theories,paranormal,metaphysics,Science,Sci-fi,Quantum Theory,

I can spend the whole day with someone just
watching all kinds of informative documentaries and stuff.
Or theorizing about Life or creating paintings.

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Member Since Aug 12, 2012
Favorite Quote From the Ashes of a Thousand dead Stars, My Light was Born to Shine greater than all those combined.
  • a little German
  • and a little French
Vices A few, nothing too serious
Politics Very Conservative
Horoscope Sagittarius
Special day
Books Any Physics, Sci-fi & philosophy as a kid: Issac Asimov
Music Nightwish, Electronica, Classical, Old Country, Anything that is invocative. So that excludes pop Rap & pop Country :)
Movies Matrix
Local Time July 4th, 7:10 AM

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