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About Love,animals,outsidesports/activities,photography,traveling,knowledge-academic/nature,riding horses, going for a drive in the redwoods, sunsets on the beach,playing in the snow,films/docs/foreign,ancient cultures/spirituality,volunteering-with animals,Veterans,children. Goals- go back to University to get Masters in counseling to help people, learn to trust and love again,see the Dalai Lama/free Tibet,stop all types of abuse-children,animals,women,gay/les,elderly,to own a house again, adopt or foster children,build a house/s for the poor, become a teacher when I retire in 3rd world countries,become a black belt in Martial Arts, possibly be in the handicapped Olympics. Beliefs- Unity church, Tibetan Buddhism, Native American Indians. Music- all types really, classical, grunge, house, (Dre,Tupaq,Snoop,Nelly Fertado, Fergie, Police/Sting, Metalica, NIN, Enya, U2, Cash, Bob Marley,Willie Nelson) opera, new age, nature sounds, all types of International music, etc Favorite places- Paris/France, London/Uk/Wales/Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Tahiti, Italy,USA National Parks- Tetons, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Redwoods, Chaco Canyon, Tahoe, etc. trips to the beach/ sun,sunsets,bonfires. Skiing/snowboard at Breckenridge. Best feeling- when I get a good, loving hug. When I can be myself, and that's good enough. When my dogs lick my tears away. When I think I'll fail but actually succeed. When I think no one cares or loves me and then I get a note from a stranger in this community site!
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  • a little French
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  • and a little Native American
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