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I Want To Travel The World

4 Countries This Year          Im planning to travel to Jordan mid this year  to see the Historical Petra and then  I will cross the border  to Israel to visit the Holy Land.  On December, I will explore... [more]
  • I Fell In Love To Someone Who I Didn't Like Before

    I Fell In Love To Someone Who I Didn't Like Before              I never thought I will fall in love to this man. He is the exact opposite of my ideal guy. I have a  very high standards in choosing the man of my life. He is my childhood … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I've Never Dated Anyone Before
    Im 27 years old but i've never dated anyone before. Yes, I do exist and I am not exaggerating. I may not be the most beautiful woman in the world but definitely, i am not ugly. According to my friends im kinda conservative. I come from a place where girls cant make the first move. So even though i liked and fell inlove to someone before, I didnt do anything to what i felt for the guy for it wasnt accepted to our society. I didnt talk or even say hi to the guy because i was too shy and i didnt want me to be obvious that i liked him. Anyway, i didnt exist on him. When I was a teenager my friends thought that i was a tomboy. I was so active to sports. I didnt want to talk t… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Thank God I'm awake now!
             I was madly in love with my colleague and i felt that he had feelings for me too. But something  hindered him to show and to tell me how he felt for me. We enjoyed exchanging of comments and likes in facebook but at work both of us were hesistant to approach each other. And if we had not talked or even said  "hi" to each other we usually both do something or post something on FB to catch the other's attention and then the other will write a comment and on the next day we have a reason and topic to talk to... We were doing that for more than a month until one day, I realized and ask myself how come this guy didn't make any move. I was thinking like " If he really liked me, he should … [more]