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I 'm Closer Than I Was Yesterday

:) Yay am almost there....I'm trying to get that top trophy for stories I can't wait [more]
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  • I Want To Share My Insight

    Insight I wanted peace of the mind, so I asked a wiseman where can I find it? He said "Free your mind clear your heart and be careful what you wish for." I didn't really understand what he m… [more]
  • I Can Do It With Hard Work And Believing In Myself And God

    How Would You Know If You Never Tried? Well I am specifically talking about sport here....Well I haven't played in a team since high school and it was something for gym class only nothing serious....I'm scarred of trying for th… [more]
  • I Think Wild Animals Belong In Their Habitat And Not The Zoo

    The Zoo On my last visit to the zoo which was a few months ago I took plenty of pictures :/ and you know what? looking back at those pictures you could see something in those creatures' eyes that would bring … [more]
  • I 've A Cold

    Random Silence  . That caption reminds me of that awkward moment where you're in a room/place with someone a… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    That impending doom
    I knew there was something coming up but now I exactly know what it is..... I've just crushed my dreams along with that one and only chance at getting a better future  grrrr am so digested with myself I don't even deserve to live I belong in solitary confinement where my thoughts, guilt and regrets would eat me alive....There are things that you don't get another chance in...The worst thing is that I can't run away from it and start over I still have to keep living not because I want to, but because somehow we have to pay for the wreckage we've done in life :/ I just want to fix all that I can and I hate the feeling of owing someone something I have to even things out with those I care about… [more]