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I Am 60 Plus

Okay... where's all me 60 + peeps? Don't'cha know we gotta support each other? I NEED friends me own age. I don't believe fer a minute that being over 60 means we have died, uh-uh. I got lots... [more]
  • I Hate Facebook

    I Hate Facebook Too I finally got off Facebook. Since then, I can't believe how many actually DEFEND Facebook. Have they done lost their MINDS? are they being paid to defend it? What's UP with that? The last straw was wh… [more]
  • I Want To Set Up A Group Where Older Women Can Exchange Ideas

    Hi...i Sooooo Agree.... we gotta support each other through this journey......and exchanging ideas is a GREAT way to support each other. I got lots o' ideas. Looking forward to being a part of this group. I am 61… [more]
  • I Endure This Diffcult Time

    Suffering And Mournfulness... ......they be no joke... it's worse when ya suffer in silence... i hope that the purpose of this group is to support one another. It's desperately needed. … [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    here's my confession... i'm confused...... got any smilies? Cuz a perplexed, irritated one would go right here -… [more]
  • Can you believe this....?

    Posted on: November 2nd, 2012 at 7:49AM

    Ok, i was just watching Good Morning America. And there's a female host with a light purple wig and a LOUD irritating, fast-talking mouth......ok, but here's the part that just irritated the bee-gizzerds outta me. There were a lot of little kids there b/c they were celebrating a late Halloween. And there was a pinatta there. And the male host was there. The kids were to take sticks and beat the mess outta the pinatta. Only WEIRD thing was, it was a big "eye ball". Why would ANYONE choose a big eye ball to use as a pinatta and have kids beat the mess out of it? So anyway, the purple-haired wonder got impatient cuz the kids didn't move fast enough and told the male host to beat the mess outta … [more]