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  • Family Confessions

    aghh i feel bad
    My cousin is 10 years old and a total cow. She is this devious, rude, unmannered brat.Following certain events today, I became EXTREMELY pissed off at her, and my sister who she seems to have brainwashed.So I just came back from yelling at her and telling her (some) of what I think of her exactly.After storming past my mum demanding to know what it was that she did to me and reaching the safety of my room, I calmed down a little and realised I might have been a little bit rude (?)Now I feel kind of ashamed of myself.Okay, more than 'kind of'.:/… [more]
  • School Confessions

    This isn't really a proper CONFESSION. It's pretty lame actually :/
    So the other day I started talking to one of my old friends from primary school.(Ok, before I say anything else, you should know that I'm only in "high school".)Anyway, somehow we ended up talking about some of our old classmates from yr.6, and I just happened to mention this guy who I really couldn't stand. Looking back, I was always kind of mean to him.I'm not usually a mean person.So anyway, I was like to my friend, "Oh, hey, d'you remember that guy...(his name)...who I used to dislike for some reason??"And she was like, "oh! you mean that guy who always used to have this huge crush on you??"And I just stood there like "Whaaaaatt???!!"Ughh, and now I feel so awful. I mean I know this was … [more]