"Who Heals the Healer?"

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I Am So Incredibly Lonely

Foolishly Human It is merely... a black hole. Sucking away the life that you have and might have been. When that deep void can no longer be hidden and it pools in your eyes like stagnant water, they know that... [more]
  • I Am An Infp

    And Who Heals The Healer? Dear Heart, "Who Heals the Healer?" Who, indeed? When the troubles of so many rest on my shoulders... Their fears, their pain, all of it- dumped upon my ears.… [more]
  • I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

    ..but They Will Never Know. So...where to start...Basically, I don't expect my situation to change. I just..wanted to share, so that is what this is. Just sharing.I have know him (physically her, but he prefers to be… [more]
  • I Wish I Could Spend More Time With My Best Friend

    To My Best Friend: To put it simply, I miss you. We may be in the same town, the same area, but I don't see you nearly as often as I used to. And what pains me even more is the reason why. I know that you have to work, … [more]
  • I Love to Hear Thoughts And Opinions of Others

    Knowing Yourself I have noticed...that people often have this strange sense of pride when it comes to listening to others' advice. They can't seem to admit that they don't know everything and that they can learn from … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I just have to say I am so relieved right now. My dear friend, who is, simply, going through hell, is now going to move in with me! The thought that I can do something to help him is just the greatest. And I hope that by staying somewhere where he is not having to argue and be yelled at and insulted all the time will help him :)And I wish everyone else well for this holiday week.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I don't understand....
    You know those people...the really amazing ones that you only meet a couple of during your lifetime?  The ones that really shine, are truly strong and brave. The ones that people tend to look up to.But what I don't when people say they want to be like that. I don't know if they just...don't realize what they are saying, but-well, so many of those amazing people, their lives are sh*t!! Like...really. My best friend...he's been through so much. Sooo much. Its not even...its ridiculous how sh*tty his life has been.And people have the gal to say they wish they were him. Yes, he is really funny, in his sarcastic, real, way. Yes, he is very good looking.He is also allergic to the sun, has… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    All my friends are suicidal
    It's true. Not even friends. but just people in general. Do I just attract those people? All of my best friends are very unstable, and I sometimes feel like i am the one holding them up so that the noose around their necks don't tighten, just barely holding them up with the little strength I have. I would drag them out of the water by their hair if I had to. I love them, and I think they love me back. And despite how it might be selfish of me, I will make them hold on, because I know firsthand that once you give up it takes so, sooo much longer to put yourself back together, no matter how  much you want it to be. I want them to be here to realize that life changes. It doesn't stay the same, … [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    After so many years...
    My close friend finally let it all out. All the pain, all the terrible unimaginable suffering that he has been through, he let it all pour out to the two of us, and we are the only ones to know...I feel so glad that he feels secure enough with us to be able to do that. And I hope that he doesn't regret having told us, ever. Because we love him just as much as he loves us. Friend's forever <3… [more]