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one hot mess !!!!

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Vices pills, pills, and more pills !!!!
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Books Crazy Making:The Words And Lyrics of Justin Furstenfeld,Five Smooth Stones,Plainclothes Naked,Painkiller,Permanent Midnight,I,Fatty,The George Carlin Letters:The Permanent Courtship Of Sally Wade,
Music Blue October, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Coldplay, I could literally go on FOREVER !!!!!!
Movies Blue Valentine,Lars and the Real Girl,Half Nelson, Heaven,Crazy Heart, The Big Lebowski, could go on and on and on !
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I Love British Comedy

Russell Brand This is really not a story ....... it is a fantasy ! Nothing kinky, but I would love to just sit in a hot tub with Russell Brand for hours and hours and just talk. Just listening to the sound of... [more]
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  • I Push People Away Even When I Dont Want to

    Bpd Borderline Personality Disorder...... ENOUGH SAID !!… [more]
  • I Love Blue October

    Maybe Life's Not For Everyone....... I LOVE Blue October because they are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, POWERFULLY GUT WRENCHING¬† BAND I HAVE EVER HEARD !! Their music moves me to my very core. I also have a mental illness, and Justin's lyrics ar… [more]
  • I Never Wear Shoes In the House

    No Shoes.. NO SHOES inside? HELL..... sometimes I don't even wear them outside ! … [more]
  • I Am Trying Not To Snap

    I Feel That I Am Lost Forever. Within my heart... love, hate, loneliness and remorse.Within my mind... happiness, anger,sorrow and confusion.Within my soul... light and dark.Things happen for the better or worse. … [more]