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I'm 14, My name's Bryanna. Im really shy until you get to know me, then you'd be like "holy crap" haha. I love hanging out with friends, I never stay made at a person, I'm addicted to love and contact me if you want to know anything else :]

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I Want to Be Skinny

To All Girls That Want To Be Skinny I understand. Wanting to be skinny, to look good. Be healthy, and feel confident. But why take it so far? What's the point? Sometimes I think of teen grils straving themselves just to look good, and... [more]
  • I Am Jamaican

    I Was Held Back A Grade I am 14, I am still not in highschool! When people hear that, that inply that I'm stupid. That I wasn't smart enough so I had to repeat a year of school. Nope! I was born in New York. When I got older… [more]
  • I Am Jamaican

    My First Kiss I look back on this day and regret it. But then again it's great to say "I already had my first kiss". So here it goes. I had a crush on this boy since the 2nd grade. Silly me asked him out in 7th gra… [more]