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I Will Be Myself,and Not What Others Want Me to Be

8 Simple Rules Every once in a while I decide that I need to break up with my beloved other, and he decides the same as well. These two days were hell for me and as usual, we seem to be back together now on morbidly... [more]
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    The Call.
    It is so unbelievably difficult to get over someone you've known all your so called adult life.I mean, especially when he calls and says things like 'I'm calling to make sure you're okay'. Would he have left if he cared enough to make sure I was okay?I've made mistakes. I'm so sick of realizing this is all my fault.He's out. He's been out yesterday, out today, and he's having the time of his life. I can tell. He's so glad we're done. He says I've made him a bad human being, as probably I have. He hasn't made me a ray of sunshine either, and I hope he knows that.I can't stop crying, thinking about losing him. Why can't I stop crying?I haven't eaten. I just forced myself to eat between tears s… [more]
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    The Break Up
    He broke up with me.I've been meaning to break up with him too.Things have been so destructive and awful, it's not funny. It's not even remotely close to funny.So, we're done and it's done and I haven't called him in a while.I hate him. I hate him for what he's made of me, made me do, made me.Yet why do I miss him?And why do I still want to call him?… [more]
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    Experience Project 101
    Is it weird that I feel good reading other's problems, mistakes, life... and telling them what I think they can do about it?No, I don't feel good knowing they're in pain.I just... I don't know.Misery loves company.… [more]
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    Little things #3
    1. Leaving early morning tomorrow. 2. Packing was fun. 3. Girls night with my sister. Hopefully. If she gets off the damn phone. 4. ... hmmm... Got the third piercing filled. All even now. Three piercings on both ears. 5. Looking forward to studying and working my *** off. 6. ... That's it. See you tomorrow!… [more]
  • Breakup #19394775393

    Posted on: February 9th, 2013 at 3:46PM

    Is it unfair if I want new things? If I want someone to hang out with whenever I'm free, someone to share my life with whenever I'm feeling low and down.Up until a few hours ago I presumed my relationship would work and I'd try and fix things for the better. Apparently I was alone in that. It's over. He says it's over. He's said that before. I've said it too. Sigh. It sounds serious this time.Now, I'm really ALONE. And lonely. And miserable. I can't sleep anymore, I don't start work till another month and while I have other things I should do, I can't. I'm so distracted, miserable and messy, it's awful. I inflicted myself on my best friend for so long I'm ashamed of even bringing up my boyfr… [more]