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I don't like to be around too many people they make me nervous anxious, and irritable. How ever one or two is always nice I don't like to be alone ether.

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Vices "non-typical video games" , an shutting the world out
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    Just Kidding?...not really
    Some times my iner thoughts scare me a little. They scare others a lot more than me though. So I usually try to keep them to my self. However some times I get too comfortable in my suroundings and let some thing slip. Problem is now I have been saying "just kidding" when I see the look of extreame shock on peoples faces, only now I fear some people may be on to the trick.  I'm not a bad person what stray wandering thing to say, that may drift across my mind , is not alway appropriate, and I often do not wish to do such things, nor do I have the desire to. However to say such things is still a strong urge.(saying and doing are not the same) The things I have often the urge to say tend to be o… [more]