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Very friendly, caring and giving, big heart, worry when things start going the other way.

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I Mama

This Is Not My Year........ Happy New Year to everybody.......... This year of 2013 will not be the same as the other years, have to deal with the fact that my MOM has gone on to Glory, but she will always be missed and we... [more]
  • I Am African American

    Black Female Im a strong mind black  female, very independent, and I believe I know what I want out of life.… [more]
  • I Am a Widow

    Widow Im going through with life to make a better life for my girls, Im a widow, gets pretty lonely at times, have a lot of sleepless nights and the nights gets so long.   … [more]
  • I Miss My Love Of My Life

    Love Is Gone I never thought that I would see this day, my husband was the love of my life, he was killed 4 months ago, OH and I miss him so bad, just the thought of  him  not being here, sometimes I … [more]
  • I Im A Very Busy Person

    Always On The Go Im a very busy person, I have very little leisure time, working, raising my two teenage girls, and taking classes, so just to get a good night sleep it goes so fast, Im up at it again.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Tired of the name callings.
    This is a on going thing, my ex boyfriend pretend that he love me and times that I let him come over to my house for a night or two he always want to start a argument calling me out of my name, I have been called so many times a B***H and I am not doing anything to be called that, he is so disrespectful  toward me when he gets mad, and when he over that madness try to sooth things over, and to remind you I pay my own bills I support my own self and he stay with his mom, he don't work or anything to support his self he's just a looser and I'm just a fool to let myself keep going through that over and over again, but of course  my stupid self I would get vunible and weaken down and let him com… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Blessed to have your Mom.
    I'm writing this story,because things can change within a blink of a eye.  June 3rd, 2012, first of all My mom is 73 years old, you know her body has weaken down over so many years, Well 3 years ago we like to lost our mom, Thank God he said "It's not your turn".  Well on this day June 1st, 2012  my mom fell and fractured her pelvis Oh and she was in so much pain, with her 5 children, that's including me we all had went to my mom house to help out with her through this bad time for her, of course we had to do everything but we did not mind we was there, and just to see my mom lying there in pain and as helpless as she was and believe me my mom did everything on her own before the falling exc… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    Why are women so messy on jobs?
    When I was in the working field out in public, thank God I do my own work at home now, my career is working with children I'm a child care provider, I love this field.  I had always had problem in the daycare center with the other women always had for some reason just didn't like me  they would act like they do, we may talk some and I have a very sweet personality I do not mistreat the child I give them plenty love and attention I do not half step with my job I know what to do and I do it well, I keep my appearance up nicely,  If you seen me come in your daycare for a job there the employer would hire me right off the spot because I just had it like that but don't get me wrong I am not that … [more]