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I Have a Dog

The Christmas Greyhound. On October 18 of this year I had to send my dearest whippet over the Rainbow Bridge. I was devestated but at the same time at peace because it was the right thing to do for him.I can now smile through... [more]
  • I Love My Dog More Than Most People

    Life Changers! What can I say.I got my first greyhound in 1986 and my first whippet the year after. Sighthounds caught my heart and captured my soul.I grew up with dogs of more conventional breeds such as daschhunds… [more]
  • I Remember Being Spanked Bare Bottomed Over The Knee

    Not Much Of A Story But Some Fairly Bad Memories! I can say yes to being spanked a few times inmy childhood. There was not much of a warning but the effects of it were not just painful but it left some mental scars than run far deeper than the physic… [more]
  • I Love My Pets

    A Greyhound Came Home! On the 18 December 2008. I went to Nyborg railway station in anticipation and exitement as I was there to pick up my new family member. A greyhound who was at the end of his racing career. I had found… [more]
  • I Love Whippets

    Mike! This story is not uncommon and not so diffrent from the ones you can tell me about your whippets but it is a recolection of what lives in the heart of one particular whippet namely my whippet Mike. I … [more]
  • The Galgoes from Hellish Spain!

    Posted on: August 30th, 2011 at 10:13AM

    Dear all. In just two days hell begins for the galgoes in Spain. They are used for hunting and hare coursing. If they do not live up to the owners expectations they are tortured to death sometimes beaten for days on end sometimes they are hung low from a tree with hind paws just touching the ground this method is known as the "piano player or the secretary because of the scrabbeling noise made by the frantic galgoes nails on the hard ground in this state he is left sometimes a galgo can survive for a day or two before he sucumbs and hangs himself. This is but one of the ways these hunters get rid of their galgoes. Some galgoes are abandoned or tied to the gates of a shelter somewhere. These … [more]


  • Too cheap and at times exported to hell on earth!

    Posted on: August 25th, 2011 at 6:45AM

    You might well ask why bother?. I have an answer for that because it matters. To make a diffrence every day makes life worth living.I have chosen my road and picked my fight. I alert others to the plight of racing greyhounds it has become an International shame the way these royal sight hounds are maltreated forced to race till they slow down or are euthanised because of the injuries they get on the tracks the world over. There is a problem with overbreeding. Every greyhound breeder want´s the next champion or Derby winner just like with horses. However the question is what happens to the rest of the greyhounds those deemed too slow to race? well there are as many ways to get rid of these su… [more]