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I Am a New Member At Experience Project

Right-o. So here I am, interested in this particular site. It's interesting to look into the interests of others- and this site seems to be quite genuine in its users. It's like looking into mirror... [more]
  • I Like to Role Play

    I grew up around all types of games; board games, video games, card games, you name it I've played it! But more than any other form of gaming I love roleplaying games. I typically roleplay on forums b… [more]
  • I Play League Of Legends

    It's a fun game I play with my friends. The point of this computer game is to work with your team to defeat the enemy team via destroying their towers and nexus. It's really enjoyable, though the majo… [more]
  • I Want to Lose Weight

    Yeah, I'm not so overweight that I could die from it or that it's a hindrance to my daily life, but it would be nice to lose a bit of that extra body, you know? I think I should exercise more and prob… [more]
  • I 'm Looking For Genuine Connections With Kindhearted People

    The reason I joined this site was simply to help others with their everyday issues and make some new friends. While I have been enjoying this site quite a bit since my initial joining, there are a lot… [more]