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I am single but am looking for girls in the Chicago area who wanna have some fun.

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I Love Webcam Fun

Everybody come over to with some duct tape for your mouths while on cam ;). [more]
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  • I Remember The First Time I Peed My Pants

    First And Only I remember the first and only time I have peed my pants since my younger days. It happened when I went camping one night, I was 14 at the time. Everything was fine until I made the mistake of not usin… [more]
  • I Think Girls Who Admit to Farting Are Sexy

    Discussing It On Facebook A hot girl I used to work with went on Facebook one day and admitted she and her boyfriend have farting contests. I was really caught off guard when I first read it, but the more I thought about it t… [more]
  • I Will Make a Deal With the Devil

    Hypothetical Deal I remember in 7th grade I had class with a lot of rude and loud people. One girl who stood out in particular was Izhirar (people just referred to her as IZ for short). She was an attractive muslim or … [more]
  • I Am Into Damsels In Distress Did

    My Secret Love I got into Damsels in Distress at a young age, specifically the silver duct tape gag variety. Seeing Christina Ricci in That Darn Cat and Kirsten Dunst in Small Soldiers got me hooked at a young age a… [more]