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I Am An Atheist

I'm a recent deconvert from Christianity. It's so hard not be angry at Christianity and Christians. I resent everyone who I felt mislead me even though I know they didn't mean to. I'm still a closet... [more]
  • I Need Advice

    I'm not a Christian anymore. My family is very Christian. Soon I will have to move back home until I can get myself established financially. I don't want to tell my family I'm not a Christian (guilt t… [more]
  • I Need Advice

    There is a guy who is in my community and he really bugs me. Normally if someone if annoying me, I'd just tell them to bug off. But this guy isn't trying to annoy me, he is just really socially awkwar… [more]
  • I Can't Be Myself With Family

    I find it challenging to be honest with my family because I am different from them and I think differently than them. I know that my family judges atheists, and political liberals, and I am both of th… [more]
  • I 've Never Been In Love

    I think I have the capacity for love because I care about friends deeply. I dated a few guys back in highschool. But I usually picked guys specifically so that we had physical chemistry but I never re… [more]