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just a guy in highschool that has troubles

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I Have a Cat

My Kitty just posted a picture of my kitty on my page. [more]
  • I Am a High School Student

    Sophomore im a sophomore in high school at whitehouse heritage, in a lil town in Tennessee. Just trying to get through life, Ya know?… [more]
  • I Want to Be Trusted

    Trust Me I have no one that actually trusts me, i mean you've probably seen my complaints about my girlfriend not trusting me but i really want her to trust me because what is love without trust? Its just two … [more]
  • I Keep Ep a Secret

    Mine Only""" I share almost every other site but this one, NO, this one is mine. Even if anyone else uses this they will never find out its me. MWHAHHAHHAHAHA, im a ninja. im incognito LOL … [more]
  • I Love Someone Very Precious

    Danielle <3 I love her so much, she is the highlight of my day, she is the reason i get up in the morning.....okay come on now this isnt a poem. i really do love her though, i just love being able to hold her and… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Too far?
    Well me and my girl have been dating for 2 months and 18 days now, and we are getting more physical, well we were laying in my bed making out as usual, then she just kinda starts moaning and i move over to get on top of her and started like, dry humping her, she made me stop after just a little bit, that was on the 18th but now we were doing it and she lets me go for a while until she is moaning like crazy, but she wont let me do anything else. and she makes me stop when she goes crazy. She told me that her thighs hurt and that she thinks we are moving too fast, but i asked her if we were moving too fast, cuz if we were that i would slow down or stop and she said that she didnt know if it wa… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Me and my girlfriend hung out all day today after school, we just layed on the trampoline all day. We got closer than we have before, and we talked about how we felt and everything, i told her it seems like she doesnt trust me and she said that she does but she just worries because she doesnt want to lose me, i told her she had absolutely nothing to worry about and we started making out, so on and so forth. Minus all the details we got closer than ever and we actually talked bout our feelings today. feel happier than ever :)… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    well today me and my girl only saw each other like twice but i texted her all day, we talked about alot. And i learned that she hangs out with one of my friends girlfriend, which is just kind of weird for me, cuz my friend tells his girlfriend everything so my gf just has to ask her to ask him something and its that easy to spy on me...just thought of that, she doesnt trust me at all, i mean i know she didnt necesarilly trust me but i didnt know that she has absolutely no trust or faith in me once so ever. makes me feel like sh!t.… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    'not so lonely after all'
    ya know, E.P is a great place, im always feeling lonely in some way, whether it be i feel like im just alone in the world or that i just feel alone in my life. But this place just makes me feel not so lonely anymore. Just a place full of people just like me, i mean nobody is perfect and im glad there are people out there and on here that can help me with my problems. thank you all for being there for me.… [more]