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Just a girl in a fucked up world trying to find herself and make my way to the top.

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I Have a Daughter

Any Advice For A Mom With A 3y/o She is 3. I wish i knew more activities i could do with her to further her education and help her be independant. AND well mannered. [more]
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  • I Was Molested By My Father

    Slice You Like A Piece Of F*ckin Pie! Please take the pain away. It hurts. It's hard to think. I can barely breathe. Can i cut your throat, pretty please? Can i hang you on a cross like Jesus? Daddy, where did you take me? I… [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    Are Meds Enough? I take depression meds and anxiety meds on a daily basis. I still have this stress pain in my chest. I've slready had my meds doubled. Can anyone help me with this?… [more]
  • I Am Not a Jealous Girlfriend

    I'm A Jealous Btch Sometimes. :( i have no reason to be jealous. My man treats me so good but the triggers are so fckin little and it puts me in this place in my head where i cant turn back. To the point i think suicidal thoughts.. i… [more]
  • I Am a Proud Weed Smoker

    I Love Jemma From Soa However.. i am out of weed today. But it is sunday with no responsibles to do today and Im gonna scrape my pipe and get my resin on. :D I love this site. It helps me with so much. I can just st… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I let my Daddy touch me
    so I'm 21. I met my dad at 20. i lived with him for 3months to get away from drug abused and violent relashionship with my daughters father.3 months of living with my dad and his family, we became the best of friends. We laughed all the time. We had the most perfect relationship and i felt my life was completed. I have been molested as a child. But took me 15 years ro remember it.(from my step-grandfather)So anyways me and my dad were the best of friends and i had never felt so comfortable, alive and free. i knew that whatever i did wrong he would always forgive me. I'm his first, his daughter, his baby girl. something ive never been before.3 months go by and we got drunk, like we did every … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    EP is really helping me!!
    I vent with embarrassing confessions and people on here actually come back with possitives things to say that are as well helpful. I'm new to this and i came to this site not knowing what i was getting myself into and I couldnt have came across a better site. I feel more in control with the negative/possitive emotions. I can vent on here what would be whining in person but when i get feedback on here the weight and negativity is lifted off my shoulders. This is a very helpful therapy for me :) **SMILES** I feel i can be a better Mother and Girlfriend. *sighing with a smile*… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I love to work out after i smoke weed. XD
    Woke up thismorning wanting to lay in bed all day and watch movies.Soo debating weather i should get stoned this early or not, i smoke a bowl to help with this debation. "This is eaither gonna be a really good idea, or a really bad idea"So i get a craving for more high while im high. Working out gives it an extra rush and Mmm mmm i love way i get double high. loland its healthy. So you cant blame the weed for getting you fat...its laziness.welp, i been chattin this time up, im gonna finish workin out to zune.peace out krakas… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I like ruining yawns
    You yawn i shal poke your tongue!! HA total win and now you feel unfully yawned!! muahhaaaa… [more]