Male , 13-15

I like sports and music/ I like to ride my dirtbike!
I live in Illinois

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I Have a Confession

I dont know why but I get really embarassed that I will say or do something stupid and I never know what to say to girls.  I can talk to girls on ep and text and its ok but in person I am really shy... [more]
  • I Look Way Younger Then I Am

    I Don't Need A Babysitter I went to my cousins house to stay for a weekend. My oldest cousin is only one year older than me. She had a friend come over who is the same age as her. She saw me and ask my cousin who the brat w… [more]
  • I Hate Being Lied to

    One Of My Best Friends Lies All Of The Time My friend lied to his girlfriend when she ask him about hanging out with this other girl that he likes. He told her he was with me and didn't even know that girl but he said I liked her or something… [more]
  • I Was Born In The 90's

    What Year Were You Born? I was born in 1999 so barely in the 90's but it still counts.… [more]
  • I Don't Have a Facebook

    Not Allowed To Have A Facebook Well the only reason that I never got one is that I am not allowed to. my mom thinks it is bad or something! I want one anyway!… [more]