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I Smoke Marijuana

Fake Love I hate when people in my school goes out and after a day they tell everyone how in love they are. How could you be in love after one day? I think its stupid if you do say that, but its annoying how... [more]
  • I Smoke Marijuana

    When I Smoke Pot When i smoke weed, i get this feeling of freedom and just letting go, i dont have to think about anything and my mind is free. I dont do it to feel bad, or dangerous i do it for the feel of it. You wo… [more]
  • I Smoke Marijuana

    No Mother. Im 14 years old, i have my dad, my sister who doesn't live with me anymore since we moved, my brother and my dads girlfriend. I have no mother, i don't know why no one has talked to me about her, Like… [more]
  • I Smoke Marijuana

    My Dads In The Hospital My dads in the hospital, because he has an cyst in his mouth that was pushing on his eye witch was making him blind. They poped it and there draining it and this is all because of a tooth that has rot… [more]
  • I Stand Up to Bullies Online and In General

    Words And How They Kill I think words are more then just saying things, they really put an impact on peoples lives, you can make someone sad, happy, or even depressed just by the choice of your words. Kids use words frequent… [more]