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I Am 'happy Go Lucky' On the Outside

Acting Experience The entire reason I got into theatre was due to the fact that i could walk into school suicidal and make people think I was happy. People see a character I play when they see me because its theres so... [more]
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  • I Support Planned Parenthood's Mission

    Voices For Planned Parenthood I'm the president of VOX (voices for planned parenthood) UAF chapter, i support petitions and i talk to people. i get down and dirty and give information, not just at a booth sometimes in real life… [more]
  • I Aint the Cheating Kind

    Physically Cant I couldnt do it, even if i wanted to i'd be racked with guilt for so long it'd drive me crazy, in my relationship i had every single opportunity to cheat concievable, it was rather wrong and my gir… [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    Home My first kiss was in the middle of a crazy snowstorm. I was driving out to one of my favorite spots, a little parking area next to a lake. We sat there for five minutes just looking out at h… [more]
  • I Am Single

    Don't Wanna Be I'm not single by choice, I'm single because I suck at making the move, I mean i've been close to that point a few times, I've been in a few relationships, nowadays I don't really have much free … [more]
  • apologies

    Posted on: March 18th, 2010 at 3:59AM

    I apologize to everyone who has befriended me on EP and expected more sociality. Truth be told I'm still sort of getting used to the site and I enjoy everyone so far that has been kind. Thank you all and if you want to get in touch with me please do so, I'm bad at starting conversations but ok at keeping them going. … [more]


  • What is Real?

    Posted on: March 28th, 2010 at 1:27PM

    What is Real? I got a call last night the kinda call you never expect the kinda call you get after 10 years of mucking it. It was my Ex accusing me harassing me telling me I was a piece of **** for something I didn't even do. Then we got started on us. oh joy, the remembrances of a dysfunctional disillusioned and completely neurotic relationship. She said we didn't work because we're too different. TOO DIFFERENT I came back with I don't know I think it was you playing for the other team that did us in. how was I supposed to know that in actuality in reality that she was going to do that. Her next words were a low blow the kind of low blow that makes oth… [more]


  • lyrics to a song i'm working on

    Posted on: April 14th, 2010 at 12:51AM

    they're absolutely horrendous right now but i think it could work the rhyme scheme is intentionally strange by the way the part labled (chorus) is just the (chorus/bridge) with the basic chord progression rather than the bridge Picture on the wall (verse) Countless empty frames next to my window panes a thousand candles glow and nothing left but shame I see the light that's shed by a thousand candles glow it fills me up inside turns away my dread (chorus/bridge) but the picture on the wall tells a tale all too true the story of paradise familiar to us all (verse) a photo booth at the fair and only emptiness inside the camera's whirring sound but no pictures to share And by a thousand… [more]


  • interesting things about love

    Posted on: August 7th, 2010 at 11:31PM

    It's interesting how a person can live simply becaue they don't know what their missing. When they realize they are missing something they strive to obtain it, and that is especially true with something like love. I don't believe love is like oxygen, or that all you need is love, but it is generally nice to feel like one is loved at least some of the time. Love isn't happiness yet most of the people in society will equate happiness to love. Because of this people seem to think the only way to be happy is to be in love so they go out and find what they percieve to be as love, and keep doing that. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, nor does it happen for everyone. Some people are afraid of lo… [more]