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I Love Flirting

It Just Happens.... flirting does feel great...the thought that you've left an impact, created some attention, leaving a guy(or girl) confused...i just love doing it.. on most occurrences i get to notice the individual... [more]
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  • Trust

    Posted on: November 28th, 2010 at 8:44AM

    Trust plays a huge role in our daily lives as human beings. Fear restricts us from trusting others, fear of being hurt or betrayed. it isn't a surprise to find a huge percentage of us who don't even trust ourselves...yeah, there are such. this may have resulted due to a childhood bad experience or low self-esteem. when it comes to trust issues between couples, then its a huge issue. a gal may never wanna trust her man and is always having all these wild thoughts of him moving around with other prettier women. such insecurities are allowed, but should never jeopardize your relationship. men and thier egos.. a guy seez hiz pretty mama chatting up this hot dude and he has it all filled up. T… [more]