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About My manner of thinking, so you say, cannot be approved. Do you suppose I care? A poor fool indeed is he who adopts a manner of thinking for others! Marquis de Sade I am from Louisiana in origin. My excuse for a stepfather worked construction so I was never in one place for very long growing up. I have been a Left Hand Path practitioner for 20 years now. I began dabbling in Paganism at 14 and realized it wasn't me for many reasons (or so I thought at the time). I found a Satanic Bible at 16 and I was hooked. I immediately identified with the philosophy therein and until the past few years was a militant Satanist. I have found recently that I cannot knowingly hold to Satanism as my sole structure because I know too many things exist that it denies. I have found that Luciferianism is my true path. I still hold to many of the Satanic philosophies and probably always will but I am growing and changing with my Crone and only the Gods know what is in store for us. I detest stupidity, laziness, whining and believe that far too many people are rescued from the price of their folly........stop saving stupid people from the consequences of their actions! I am actually a very introverted individual though you wouldn't guess it from my actions in the public eye. 99% of society could crawl up their assholes and suffocate and I wouldn't give a fuck until I couldn't get Mt Dew or had no electricity. Just conversing with most individuals can give me nausea. I'm one person when I have to be and myself when ever I get the chance. I'm a left hand path theurgist.....if you dont know what that is then fucking google it I'm not going to hold your hand and lead you. Contrary to the general perception dealing with the symbolism behind several of my tattoos, I am not racist against skin color just stupidity which to me is a race in itself...if I throw a racial slur at someone it is because I know it will offend them on the deepest level possible ergo pushing the exact button I desired....or they are someone I am familiar with and I'm just fucking with them. I dont hate or love anyone who hasn't earned the effort on my part. Every one you give away such potent energy to that doesn't deserve it is taking away from those who truly deserve your focus. If you are a theist in any shape or form there is a damned good chance I'll offend you......and yes, I most likely intended to do so. People who spend their entire life worrying about what comes after it are about three chromosomes above lemmings. I am thankful for things most people take for granted or never even consider. I am fiercely loyal to those who earn it. You can say what you want to me or about me and there is a damned good chance that I'll consider even responding to you below me but, insult or offend someone I love and you'll find a different ending to your Grim fairy tale. Love cannot express what I feel for My Witch, My slave, My mentor, My Lady Ignis and My very heart. She means more to me than anything in this world. I don't care for hypocrites, liars, the self righteous, and the stupid. I don't have time for your drama. I believe an ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure. I love to cook. I have a mean streak a mile wide. I'll give you the shirt off my back. I am a Sadistic Fuck. I make fun of retards. I like Hentai. I consider dealing out pain a necessary part of foreplay. I have my own code of honor which most will never understand.
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Favorite Quote “Im ya Huckleberry”
  • a little Scottish
  • and a little Native American (Apache)
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Pisces
Special day 1-7
Books Way too many to list
Music Good music...cRap, techno and electronica dumbstep is not music...and I hate jazz. Its like a long car crash involving cats.
Movies See music
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