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I Want You Here

God Loves Me!!! Why am I so blessed? GOD LOVES ME! :)I can't express how much God loves me...My brain was practically liquefied...But God loves me so much, I was still... [more]
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  • I Want You To Write A Poem Off-the-cuff Right Here Right Now

    I Really Loved Her... I had recently been through a tough process of letting someone go...I cried out to God, "Please, help me!  I can't do this on my own; I need your supernatural intervention," then went on to describe … [more]
  • I Am Not Who They Think I Am

    I Am... So, I'm always getting the feeling that people think I'm something that I'm not.  It seems to me that people think I'm... well, I don't really know what people I meet in person think I am...having a … [more]
  • I Have Insomnia

    Reflections On Tonight's Insomnia... I've struggled with insomnia for years,  The thing about true insomnia, the thing most people will never understand, is that *true insomnia isn;t only the inability to get to sleep, but TRUE insomnia… [more]
  • I Have Put My Hope In Gods Word

    16 Million Meters... Meggi,                Wherefore have you entered my life?  Here I was, in shambles, doubting whether I was was following the Holy Spirit's guidance well enough..doubting wh… [more]