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Books The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Music Crystal Castles, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Deadmau5, Owl City, Foster the People, John Williams, Seapony, Desire, Michael Jackson, Kenny G, Joe Hisaishi. And just other electronica music.
Movies Can\'t list all of them. Let\'s just say I watch almost every type of film out there.
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I Love Studio Ghibli

From A Struggling Artist Their films inspire and instill a sense of wonder that I've never felt since my childhood days, yet, they can also give a portrayal of a world so closely related to ours, despite the fantastical... [more]
  • I Want to Go Live In My Imaginary World

    I Used To Live In An Imaginary World. Now I Don't. I used to grow up in an imaginary world, made up of bits of stuff taken from films, bits of my drawings here and there, Lego blocks, toys and some of my imagination. In this world, I grew up being tak… [more]
  • I Still Have Feelings For Someone Who Has Broken My Heart

    Betrayed. Hated On. Unwanted. I have liked this girl for almost half a year now. It's just so hard, seeing her turn away, apparently disgusted by my looks. Giving me that look that seems to tell me "You're not part of the band." o… [more]
  • I Have Imaginary Friends

    Crystal Crystal was a leftover. The only figment of my now extinct imaginary world; she was a leftover from the hundreds of imaginary friends I had. As I grew older, the world began to fade, and she seemed to… [more]
  • I Lost Myself Somewhere Along the Way

    Being Me. What Shallow Words I'll Never Be Able To Understand. Yes. Being myself. I don't know what has happened to me. I've lost the passion to draw, to┬ásing, to enjoy music... maybe it's because I'm trying too hard to enjoy everything. Maybe it's because that … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    About my parents
    I really hate it. You know, when your parents won't even listen to what you say. Everything, from movies to the social issues plaguing the streets today... my parents won't listen to me. They don't care about how bad the situation in my school is... with so much violent gang fights, teachers molesting pupils... it's a ****-up of a place. For movies... it's like, I have tons of ideas to tell them... but they keep trying to convince me that "no one is going to watch a movie fllled with violence and profane language at every turn"... but, I know my films are more than that... not just pure mindless violence and action. I shy away from telling them about my personal problems... I've had experie… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Blame the Malaysian education system
    Okay... so here goes... I just wanna pour all my feelings out right here; sorry, this is quite long, but I'd appreciate it if you stop and read... I'm angry, hurt, and confused about where should I be headed right now. The majority of the teachers in my school are people who don't give a **** about the students' welfare; they just sign up to work for the government just because the pay is higher than any successful businessman out there. They don't even work; they just pretend to teach so that we can't find any proof to blame their ***** off. I haven't been doing my homework for two weeks now... nor have my friends. I sincerely don't find school fun; with the delinquent culture sweeping Mala… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I am becoming a racist
    I grew up in Malaysia... a so-called multi-racial country of tolerance by many of the corrupt and hypocritical politicians. Being brought up in the slummish residential areas... I grew up seeing loads of racists among the people, even the government, which enforces racist laws that sideline the other races... However, as far as I know, I am anti-government, not because the government doesn't care about my race... it's because it doesn't give a **** about how people suffer, and strive to create a good image of peace and harmony as if it's the only country in the world which has it.I am a 15-year-old Malaysian-Chinese... I attend a Chinese secondary school where gang fights break out at least … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I'm in the school band. But I can't mix in anywhere.This year, there's been a lot of problems in the band. Politics, personal vendettas and stuff... so bad that it's begun to rip the band apart. And now, almost the whole of my year in the band that's against me.I've always wanted to mix in with them, since my crush is among them, and she hates me for some reason I've never known. Perhaps it was me confessing to her too early, or that somehow I made her angry, but that's another story. Another reason why I wanted to be with them was that I've always wanted to have a family, someone to connect to. I've never managed to make that bond with anyone.I soon came to realize that if you don't hold a … [more]