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Hulk Interupted It's not easy been huge and green. People have preconceptions about who you are and the way you should act. Everywhere Hulk turns people are like "Hulk Smash" this and "Angry" that. But Hulk's put... [more]
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    Hulk thought the Avengers film was rubbish.
    Hulk is going to spoil this film, so you had better read it all so you know how bad it is and don't go and see it.Hulk found many problems with the plot.  It seemed to Hulk that the writers were going for a typical three act structure in which Hulk and his freinds were all working alone in the first act, over came their individual egos in the second act only for the group to be torn apart for the beginning of third act so it would look like they faced insermountable odds.  It's one of the most basic film plots ever and it's been done hundreds of times before, so it baffles Hulk that they could get it so wrong.  That was Loki's plan, he wanted to fragment the team so that no one would oppose … [more]