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Im 28, a mum of 2, im bi, im honest, cheeky, judgemental (who isnt deep down?) im thoughtful, intelligent, im strange, free and easy with life, i love to jog and travel and i hate washing dishes!

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I Drank Too Much

One Night Drinking Ruined My Relationship. My partner and i have only been together about 7 months. He fell for me really quickly and wanted to move interstate to live with me. I told him i felt it was too soon and perhaps we should wait. He... [more]
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  • I Like to Cook

    Cooking Makes Me Happy I enjoy creating things, especially meals i can feed my family that result in smiles and comments like "that's yummy mum" and "your cooking tastes better than take aways". I find a recipe that i want … [more]
  • I Am a Virgo

    True To My Sign! People find Virgo's to be pedantic, finnicky, strong willed and perfectionists. I am so true to my sign and i find myself being stuck on an issue until i conquer it, feel as though i have gotten my po… [more]
  • I Hate Guys Who Hit Women

    Men Who Hit Me Destroyed My Esteem I was 13 years old when i met my first boyfriend. He was so charming, witty, intelligent and caring (to a naive and trusting child anyway). I thought he was so popular and being a 'nobody' for my whol… [more]
  • I Push People Away

    Im Too Scared To Be Hurt.... So I Push U Away i let my first boyfriend get way too close to me and he took over my life at a young age. He controlled my thoughts, my actions and my friendships. He dictated my life for 8 years and i lost my identi… [more]