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anyone wanna skype ( nothing sexual). message me

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Favorite Quote \" the best anime is one that ruins your life and gives you to many feels\"- best friend janely
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I Write Poetry

my mother cleans when she is upset 
so on bad days our house smells like 
laundry soap and lysol and my father likes to drink a lot
so i’m pretty used to pain being chased 
with a... [more]
  • I Got In Trouble With The Police

    The Worst April Fools Joke Ever om april fools day police came to my door because they got a call that i attempted to kill myself .... which is not true and then they saw the cuts on my arm i am a self-harmer but i would never attem… [more]
  • I Express Myself Through Writing

    Unwanted unwanted kisses, unwanted eyes, it was only for a second, how could this make me cry?, i cringe at the thought, the thought of his hands touching me, i feel numb wh… [more]
  • I Like to Be Alone With My Thoughts Sometimes

    What I Think........... when I am with my friends it's fun yeah but in my head I know there to loud, my ears start to hurt sometimes and I know why. I talk a lot with my friends but really that's not even half of the convers… [more]
  • I Sometimes Disconnect From My Surroundings

    Bored Turns Into Even More Bored f = for all the times u cry u = until the sunshine comes out your *** !!! c = cold winters k = kick into life L = like u always say i = it all comes and … [more]