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My flesh may fail but my God he never will

5ft7. slim build, single, father of three lovely girls. retired restoration and renovation specialist. hate spell check as it lies, i am English . i have light black hair, love the country side, i believe deforestation of the planet will destroy us. peace is some thing we should strive for not kill and die for. there's no such thing as it cant be done. if it can be broke it can be fixed. annoying trate's bit of a perfectionist, addicted to skyrim and fallout.

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I Like to Be Barefoot

Bare Foot In The Dew there is nothing more sensual than to feel the kiss of the morning dew between your it wraps your bare feet in it caress, the tingle of a thousand kisses as the cool refreshing morning mist... [more]
  • I Can't Drive

    Lost My License For Life EPILEPSY i used ride motorbikes on and off road. could never get the hang of cars, to inclosed and less vision and control, my coordination in a car was pure chaos. but i have no problem in a tr… [more]
  • I Know I Have a Guardian Angel

    My Guardian Angel Dosent Look Like Angels Should the first time i saw my angel i was young, it frightened me so much i passed out. it dose not look like what we have been led to believe angles should. no feathery wings or golden glow,… [more]
  • I Believe In Vampires

    I Am For All Intents A Vampire. i need to eat raw beef to supplement what i cannot get from vegetables, i have an intolerance to greens, and a severe intolerance to garlic even the smell can make me ill,direct sun light weakens me a… [more]
  • I Took The Past Life Analysis Test

    Freaked Me Out the test results came back i was around in the 14th century. every thing else is my life now. … [more]