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I am a fun, full figured,sexy,loving,caring,fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pant's kinda gal, wanting adventure and fun whenever I can get it!! I'M JUST ME..take me or leave me!!!

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I Still Think of Him

Wow I Sure Miss Him..... I fell in love 25 years ago. Then we both went our own ways. Here we are all these years later and now we found each other again. It's like we never parted, still talking, still playing around with... [more]
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  • I Love My Nipples Sucked

    Anyway I Can Get It... If you can suck,pinch,bite, rub, all of the above Im yours!!! I want it hard, slow all night long if I could get it. I can *** just getting them sucked on. If you bite them aw thats even better. I don… [more]
  • I Want to Help People

    I Help People Too Downfall In my line of work I am around people all day long. I am a Home Health Care worker. It is my job to assist my patients in any way they need me to, grocery shopping,bathing,cooking, cleaning, helping t… [more]
  • I Still Believe In Prince Charming

    He's Out There Somewhere.... Growing up I was one of those little girls that had a knight in shinning armor and he was my dad. Now that I am older I wonder where my Prince Charming is?? I thought that it was just a little girls i… [more]
  • I Am Married But Lonely

    I Can't Take It Anymore....calgon Take Me Away!!! I have been battling YES battling with my husband for over 10 years now. It has not been the fairy tale happy ending kinda marriage that I so wanted!! It has gotten worse over these years and I am won… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Heartache AGAIN???
    I cannot go through this again..I feel like my heart has been torn out of me. Tonight a decision was to be made from a person that I hold dear. He had to make this decision himself I cannot do it for him. 24 years ago I loved a this man, I lost him, and now I have found him again. He is an unhappied married man with two kids whom he loves dearly.. We have picked up right where we left off 24 years ago, same feelings, same fun, same laughs. Getting to know each other again after so long has been wonderful, we talk about whatever we want, we laugh at the dumbest things, music wide range to please both of us, backgrounds, similar. BUT his wife found out that he was talking to me and was not too… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Where is the rain when you need it????
    Yes we have had no rain here for over 7 months now not a single drop. Living here in West Texas you expect it to be dry somewhat BUT this is pitiful. The farmers are all digging into their holding tanks and supplies for emergencies. The grass is not green its really brown. If you want to water your lawn be prepared for the high water bill that will soon follow though.. I feel sorry for those who live in Missouri and Ark. that have had it rough with bad weather lately I feel for you, but we are in the exact opposite situation with our weather. Fires burning everywhere, and you can't BBQ, no burning off anything because of the high wind and fire threat. I know that in time we will get some we… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    For the past 10 years I have had no Valentine's Day. Am I married yes, does he get me things no. He does not have any imagination. He does not even know what I like and dislike. We have been married for almost 17 years and he has gotten me roses maybe three times. My favorite color is purple and I wanted purple roses. They are very rare and I am worth the effort ( I think) SO I do not ask or expect anything for that day because it has no important meaning to me anyway. Now if I had someone who cared for me REALLY then that day would matter more, BUT NOPE not at all!! I am turned off from this holiday because of the treatment that I did not receive from him, so I do not even consider it a ho… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    Now I do not like this one bit. Being raised in Iowa until I was 6 we had snow when we had cold temperatures. NOW my feeling are if there is cold weather snow must soon follow!!! WELL here we are down in the lone star state and NO snow and freezing temperatures. Now I am waiting for our first snow fall that is not coming any time soon. It pasted right over us and went to Dallas/Ft.Worth 6 hrs away..THIS SUCKS!! I am a polar bear girl I want my snuggling weather WITH the snow NO ICE just snow. I want some snow so I can cuddle down with someone special, problem now is just finding THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL!!! I know everyone up north is saying come and get some of our weather, well down here In te… [more]