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I Wish I Was In a Great Relationship

But Why So i finally had the nerve to ask the person I fell in love with to be with me...they said si but then said "its not afical" really thats confuzing. I understand y shes so nervous to say yes... [more]
  • I Am A Bi Teenager

    I Don't Know Where It Came From I have always had more of a boy personality when younger and never liked girly things. I grew up hanging out with 16, 17, and 18 year olds so i knew more than I should. I never wanted to admit what i … [more]
  • I Wish I Was In a Great Relationship

    Lost Love So, I really liked someone and I was so scared of pushing them that I never made a move. But then someone else did and I lost her. I thought it was me. I thought I would never be worth her love. I sti… [more]
  • I Love Disney Movies

    My Favorite Disney Movie I have always had one REALLY big favoite and thats aladdin....but i love all disney movies. tere like the key way to my child hood..................................… [more]