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Our consciousness is an infinite pattern that constantly changes and molds but continues through what we believe to be reality. We create that constant pattern, so the way people behave and believe is actually harming and changing our future on a infinite scale, simply through thought, so you create part of a what can only be a hologram or reality through consciousness and thought, there is no matter. when you (like i always say) get sucked into a already believed and worked out consciousness (tv, media, ex), you are (basically) destroying our universe, not just your own mind. So religion, Lies, Adverts, Hate, everything you think has a part in everything that happens, every single person is important. This is why i am the way i am and why i do not feel any kind of honest connection with most people i meet (around this area), this is why i feel there is no random nature, everything is being created like a scripted but ever changing and infinite book Thats what i believe anyway : ) but heres a bit about my boring personer lol
A thirst for sound, production and creativity is my thing. I make and study all types of sound, in turn collecting all the information i can to better my skills.
I'm different yea....but thats only what you've been told by the ones i could say i hate, i don't hate but thats the word to describe the feeling i get when i see a minority picked on by a majority. I see things for what they are but this does not mean i am nice or comfortable to be around, unless we have a connection, i'm a loner......and always will be, i enjoy my own company and only class one person in my life as a connection i can put effort into. I do love everyone and everything but my views are completely created by me and push most away.....and it will stay that way.
There is a normal side to me, i'm bubbly, fun, loud, helpful, kind, funny (to look at) and extremely respectful.....but thats boring and really i can't describe myself in that way, it dosn't feel right lol.
I have a morbid fascination with morbidity and love abit of horror in my life.
Overall....i'm a pretty basic human being : )

Heres my Label and Producer Info.

+++~~(WELCOME TO GR!T MUS!C)~~+++
Headphones Vocal is a producer signed to Clari-T Records from London Uk! Hard sounds and High frequencies!

Check out Headphones Vocal and Clari-T Records!

Clari-T Records

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