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hey, im heather and i love supernatarel things-werewolfs,witches and especailly vampires and hybrids(half vampire half wolf) my fav t.v show is the vampire diaries and my fav film is Clue (1985) i love to sing and dance even tho i cant but who cares as long as we have fun :) Want to know anything else....just message me:)

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I Everything Has Changed

Well I've just looked through how I used to type and oh dear it was awful! And now I look back and think what a retard haha, I'm really glad I don't type like that anymore, I am such a hipocryte (I... [more]
  • I Want to Meet a Real Vampire

    I Would Love To Meet A Real Vampire. hey everyone, i would love to meet a real vampire i think it would be an amazing expirence to meet a real one, i do know how to tell if there is a real one infrunt of me well sort of there kinda hard … [more]
  • I Have a Youtube Channel

    Youtube Changed My Life:) For The Better :) hey u lot! im heather! :) & im 14 goin on 15 in september :) cant wait :) anyways im a singer on youtube i dont no if this really is a confesseion but it has made me a better person...i always used 2 … [more]
  • I Am Obsessed With Vampires

    Why Am I Obsessed And Why Do I Wanna Be1 hey, i am obsessed with vampire's ive always loved to meet 1 and ive always wanted to be bitten by 1 aswell i think vampires are amazing truly a part of this world we all fear them for some reason i d… [more]
  • I Am Dealing With Living With Spina Bifida

    Its Not Me Who Has Spina Bifida Its My Nephew :( hello, im heather and my nephew logan has spina bifida and hydrocefilis- i dont no how to spell it :L, when he was born the doctors said he was never going to make it they were wrong! logan is the bes… [more]