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    Just A Thought....
    Before I go...Should I Ask Her !!....?… [more]
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    Non Addictive !!
    This was meant originally to be a post reply.... but I thought I would put it here..not sure if it belongs here..but who does !!! Keep in was in reply to a post, and it is only My Opinion Opinions are Non Addictive...arent they ?? The term "Non Addictive" is too freely used in our society, usually by those "addicted" or by persons who partake in any form of self indulgence. One's Self denial, will always contradict another persons's human nature Every drug, be it "Recreational" or not, is manufactured to suit the Dealer, not the User, they are all plyed with the "comeback effect" with Hash' it is only in the milder form..... For anyone to think that the Dealer/Manufa… [more]
  • Heavenlyscent Sex Survey

    Posted on: August 17th, 2010 at 12:11PM

    Sex Survey 1) What turns you on the most? affection 2) Does size matter? quality not quantity 3) Most times in one day? who counts 4) Most ******* in one session? let me see....1 2 3 4 5...get real 5) What do you think about during sex? lots 6) Ever had a Three-some? yes 7) How often do you **********? most days 8) Do you like oral? yes 9) What's better, someone you care about or a one night stand? someone who cares Take this survey | Create your own survey | Daily survey Explore Thousands of Life Experiences. … [more]


  • Behind the Laughter

    Posted on: September 2nd, 2010 at 8:36AM

    I have a friend, who religiously makes people laugh .....from day to day...endlessly she does it with an innocence, half the time she does not even know why people are laughing, It hurts for me to watch sometimes , as people, even some of her friends, will laugh at her, and not with her, she has that contagious laughter that brings tears to the eyes, but the laughter and fun, that she so freely gives, is her way of disguising the sadness that lies within.... While everyone else around her, is laughing heartily, her own laughter is tinged with sadness, she is the sweetest person that I know, and when she laughs...The whole world laughs with her, but, behind her own laughter, there is a sadn… [more]


  • will I learn to be comfortable with being alone

    Posted on: August 16th, 2010 at 7:50PM

    I thought i would post this here, as it wouldnt let me post due to alphanumeric..... god who gives a toss !!! No noise, No distractions, Complete Contentment, Perfect Peace I don't have to learn to be comfortable with being alone, for me, it just comes natural isnt that how it should be Maybe people get mixed up with the word loneliness, Being Alone is about self solitude, time to oneself, the gathering of ones thoughts, It is a place that we all need, but don't always allow ourselves to go to It is that one place that is timeless, society only measures time The one place there is no judgement, rules, criticisms..and best of all, no people It is my Heavenly haven, where I can think what… [more]


  • My Dear Clifford

    Posted on: August 28th, 2010 at 11:40AM

    The Only Person To, Ever Truly Sing From The Heart... … [more]