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I Want to Be Understood

I hate when I open up to someone, and they turn their back on you. It's like, YOU asked ME why I was sad and felt lonely...and then you run away as fast as you can..I'm sorry that I'm a freak and that... [more]
  • I 'll Keep Your Secret

    I'll keep your secret if you keep mine. When I was young something happened to me, that really freaked me out. I didn't tell anyone. I have NEVER told anyone. I feel like it's eating away… [more]
  • I Want to Be Understood By Just One Person

    My family wonders why I'm so depressed or "messed-up." 1, they would know if they took the time to talk to me and 2, they messed me up. How am I supposed to be happy-go-lucky with every thing that hap… [more]
  • I Quit

    I quit with life. Sometimes I want the pain to end so bad that I want to die. Suicide seems inviting. It's not selfish. You might say it is, but what I find selfish is that people would be so awful to… [more]