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loving person !!, Busy with all sort of things, living in the hippie time. Love all people.

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I Cant Change the Past But I Can Change My Future

Go On With My Life.. It was a love affair , it cant be i know , but i had my dreams...what if .... Now after some time i see that there is no future so i go on wit my life but my heart is broken..... [more]
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  • I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

    Yes Yes i still do , love the man who had so nice words.. Almost give up all I had. The hard part is I STILL LOVE HIM... so sad sad. In time it will past hope....But it s sometimes it s not e… [more]
  • I Can Watch the Same Movie Over and Over

    The Lake House..... The Lake House its for me...I know the lines , all of them !!! Keano Reeves !! And almost al from Hugh Grant.. my favorit he is <3… [more]
  • I Wonder Where I Would Like To Live

    Visit All The Great Miracles Of The Earth Im a bit of a Gipsy , like travel but cant get away...So i have my dreams...Where would i like to live right now? Visit the most great places of this big globe.....Make my own history..… [more]