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I Got Spanked As a Kid

When I was little and I did something wrong, dad would raise his hand as though I was going to be spanked, I was always so afraid because he hit really hard. Mum however didn't hit hard so I wasn't... [more]
heyitsabike has shared 6 Mature Experiences
  • I Was Molested - and I Never Told

    I asked mum if she knew of any problems I may have had in my life.. I'm sure I've asked her before but this time we were at a cafe.. In a public place where I dreaded a scene would be made. She told … [more]
  • I Am Craving Physical Contact

    I have a number of male "FWB" who I'm good friends with. I have a high drive. They aren't in relationships so I can hangout with them as often as I'd like and visa versa. But it's not enough and it's … [more]
  • I Am Australian

    I often get asked if I'm Aboriginal, usually by complete strangers. When I tell them I'm not they look at me in disbelief and dispute my ethnicity. I have had arguments and racial slurs yelled at me. … [more]
  • I Love Slow and Passionate Kisses

    I've kissed a lot of males all with their own kissing styles. I've only ever kissed 4 who have kissed me the way I like and actually get turned on by. I remember a guy I dated who spoke so highly of h… [more]