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I Am In Love With My Teacher

Math Teacher Love A few years ago I went to a joint high school, only about thirty students, mostly guys and very unflattering girls. All of our teachers were young and straight out of college-- all very handsome at... [more]
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  • I Like To Bite And Be Bitten During Sex

    I Like It Hard I like it hard, and if you aren't ready to give me your best, don't bother. I was first introduced to rough sex during a hook up with a senior who went to my high school, ever since I ca… [more]
  • I Have Thoughts Of Murdering People

    You Got A F*cking Death Wish, I'm A Genie It'll Get Done Victim, victim, honey you're my fifth one Honey on that topping when I stuff you in my system Rape a pregnant ***** and tell my friends I had a ********* You got a ******* death wish… [more]
  • I Have Low Self Esteem

    Cracked Mirror When I look at myself, in any circumstance, I look contorted or smudged. When I go out, I wear clothes that wouldn't be noticeable. When people look at my I feel as if they're disgusted. It's hard for… [more]
  • I Am From a Broken Home

    Broken: Yes. When I moved to LA at 5 everything changed. Both my parents were making massive amounts of money, with this came the thousands of nannies, drug influences and divorce. I would stay up all night waitin… [more]
  • Thingy

    Posted on: September 16th, 2011 at 12:26AM

    [are you left handed or right handed?] — right[are you smart?] — most people wouldn't assume so[whats your middle name?] — Brooke[how many personalities do you have?] — many[how many piercings do you have?] — 7[tattoos?] — a stupid heart near my pelvis thing[what was your first word?] — uh?[are you superstitious?] — nope. [do you read your horoscope?] — **** that. [do you believe in that stuff?] — naw[can you do a cartwheel?] — I wish. all the other cool cats can[do you have bangs?] — no. [do you have contact lenses?] — nope. I wear glasses sometimes. [can you drive?] — yeah. [do you snore?] — nopee[Do you drool in your sleep?] — probably. lol.[do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge?] — … [more]