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I Have a Confession

I feel really guilty about his feeling..... But I am really sick of listening to my friends talk about their babies. I'm still single and I've spent many many years listening to people talking about... [more]
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  • I Am Trying to Be More Green

    6 Changes I Have Made to Live a Greener Life There has been a lot of talk about environmental awareness. We've all heard it. Some of us think it's important, some of us don't. About a month ago I saw "11th Hour" ... a documenta… [more]
  • I Like Looking At the Sky During Night

    Windy Nights The city where I live is quite windy. But when it's close to night time, what distracts me from the cold wind is the dark blue sky. That color. It's such a deep dark blue... wrapped around the… [more]
  • I Fear For My Parents' Financial State

    A Sign of Growing Up You are so free and irresponsible now. But trust me, you will mature and feel responsible the moment you realize that your parents depend on you for their livelihood and support." … [more]
  • I Don't Like Talking On the Phone

    The Freedom to Lose My Phone About 3 weeks ago, I lost my phone in a cab on the way home from a night of senseless partying. Since that night, I have made very little effort to replace it in any way. Friends are eager to come to … [more]