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horse back rider, i live a straight edge life style, pescatarian recovering self harmer, juggalette, three days grace, nickelback, elvis, and icp obsessed minority who is her own species and sometimes talks in 3rd person(; gotta love her

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  • 100% Czechoslovakian
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I Have a Confession

a girl at my school told me she was going to kick the **** out of me for something my friend said then told my BFF that she was going to kill me, we told the office at school and the police got... [more]
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  • I Remember My First Blow Job

    First Time Giving I'm 17 and I'd never given head up until yesterday, I was at my boyfriends house along with a bunch of his family. His brother his brothers gf him and I were all up in his room watching horror movies,… [more]
  • I Like Bi Guys

    My Boyfriend Is Bi He's absolutely amazing he is like no straight guy I've dated he's so open minded and passive and isn't judgment at all, it's so easy to be myself around him and be comfortable, he's very sexually ski… [more]
  • I Love Him But Hate Him At the Same Time

    I Hate Him For What He Did To Me, But I Still Love Him ever heard the song "i hate everything about you" by 3 days grace? yeah that kinda applies here. i hate him for breaking up with me, TWICE, i hate him for being a jerk to me, i hate him for dating 20 … [more]
  • I Am A Teenage Masochist

    Teenage Masochist And Proud Of It (: i am 16, and something about pain just makes me want to give everything to a person. my favorite form of pain is being bitten, theres a thril too it its amazing. i love the lasting bitemarks especiall… [more]