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"The truth is everyone's going to hurt you"

I'm currently studying in university, playing theater, dancing traditional dance, doodling, taking crazy picture, volunteering in some organization related to peace, interfaith, and multicultural field. I'm learning something new, and other silly things. :)

I'm just an old girl with childlike spirit that will never die. I'm typical girl who believes in unicorn, griffin, and a magical world who knows I might be there someday. So, bear with me xD

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  • 100% Indonesian
  • and a little Saudi Arabian
  • and a little Chinese
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Books Children Novels, Harry Potter, Chicken Soup, short stories by Guy de Maupassant, Edgar Allan Poe, Somerset Maugham, The Alchemist, Aleph, The Winner Stands, lots of Japanese Manga ^^
Music Rock, Pop, Reggae, anything, really :D
Movies Children Movies, The Spiderwick, Bridge to Terabithia, Arthur and Minimoys, Mr Magorium, Finding Nemo, Up, I\'m sure you know the rests :D
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I Like Doodling

what should I name this...: it's always you :D [more]
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