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    My take on Religion
    First of all i have to say i never truely studied any religion in depth.I went to a christian school when i was realy young and did actually read the bible at some point.All i can say is based upon wat i know and believe.The general problem with religion is that it is taken out of context.Any and all religions are in true essance a guide.A guide to "inlightenment" of some form for some being.For me this means to become all that i can be through moraliy, understanding and the persuit of kowledge.From wat i could see most of the religions are based upon the same principles.Learning to better yourself. The only rules the unspoken ones. Moral codes to live by.This was tought through storys, for … [more]
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    Where to go from here?
    I have had this lingering with me for quite some time.Its like im scared of what people might think if i brought it to light. Not wat they think of me but wat they think of my belief.My fear is that to many will be scared of this notion or even forsake it all together.While its goal is for the greater good of all of us.The thing that i just cant get out of my head is why mankind doesnt deside wat it wants to do.At this time it looks like we are just trying to solve problems wich we are creating at the same speed we are solving them.Were on this big merry go round and no one seems to give it a second thought.There are some people that speculate on where we would or could go as a species.But t… [more]
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    The way forward. (i think)
    I desided to write this confession to vent my mind. And to gauge peoples thoughts on this subject.I am a firm believer of a unified world, To a point where i think that it may be the only way forward as a species.The whole peace and utopia buisnes i just dont buy, Man kind just cant do that and there will allways be those who oppose it for some reason or another.The point is it feels like people expect this to happen automatic, Like its supposed to happen at some point and we can just sit back and lead our lives untill this will magicly happen and all will be well.And this i do not belive. Uniting a planet is not something that will happen naturally. Think about how humans interact globally … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I think therefore i am, Or am i?
    Let me start by saying i wrote this mostly for myself to put into context things that plague my mind on a day to daybasis. Pretty selfish i know but who knows it might help me make peace with myself.At its core is the fact i tend to over think and over analyse whatever i come into contact with.A constant barrage of why this is this way and that that way well you get the idea. Ive been told i might have ADD or ADHD and thats why my thoughts tend to be chaotic but to be honoust i dont realy care about that fact and neither do i think it actually inhibits me in any way. Plus it gives me a extremely broad interest in every aspect of my life wich i like.That i cant do 1 thing constantly and get r… [more]