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I Have a Passion For Human Rights

1 Girl 10 Boys I'm an only girl on a hockey team, and being part of that involves a lot of sexism. It isn't right, it isn't normal. If you say that you say those things cause i should be in the kitchen! Well of... [more]
  • I Have Been In An Airplane

    First Time In A Plane The first time i was EVER in a plane, was with Air cadets. It was scary but fun. They let me fly the little Cessna. Now since then (5 years) Ive been in a plane at least 6 times a year and usually I'm… [more]
  • I Have a Sixth Sense

    I Think It Runs In My Family, Having The 6th Sense I have had it all my life. I have it all i can connect to almost all sense. i can see auras i can talk and see spirits. I scream in class radomly. My friends who i have told use me all the time when t… [more]
  • I Love to Draw and Write

    Anyone Interested In Drawing Characters? My friend and i are writing a story and would love it if we could have some drawings of our characters (either group, couple or single)┬áIf you are interested PLEASE send a message or put a comm… [more]
  • I Enjoy Helping Others

    Angels On Ice! During the winter of 2010 i was working at a community center as a canteen employee. The ice was out and everyone was skating. All of a sudden i hear crying. These boys who are 13 who come very often … [more]
  • Drinking and Driving... the words themselves should say NO!

    Posted on: January 1st, 2011 at 4:03PM

    I haven't been able to find a group for against drinking and driving under 18, and i really need to let this out. 2 years ago, my friend Jeff was crossing a street out of town. On  a gravel road to get to a school bus stop. He was half way across the street when a car came ZOOMING by and hit him straight on. He laid on the street for around 5 hours. That's when i got a phone call at school. Now i didn't even know my own number, i think he may have found it when he was playing with my  phone. I answered the phone"Hello?""Hhh-ailey?""yeah who is this?" "It's Jeff,""Oh! whats up?""Um I'm on  a gravel road""WHAT?!" " I think i was hit I-i don't remember much""did you call 9-1-1?" "know was i sup… [more]


  • Just saying how i feel.

    Posted on: July 1st, 2010 at 3:32PM

    Hey its me  It seems life is surrounded by our ablitys and energy. It seems you cant even leave your room without some sort of sense kicking in.  I never understood how some people have extra senses and others don't.  But life is life. Sometimes we have to swing at the curve balls and hope we hit it right. People wish they could see what i see but honestly you don't.  Some nights i can't sleep knowing what will happen or seeing something that makes me fear for my life so i dont close my eyes. I wanna meet people who understands me and knows what im going through. It would be nice to know someone understands what im going through. I also want to hear other peoples storys and help em. … [more]