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I Want You to Write a Ten Word Story

Birds chirped merrily in the morning sun. Leaves fluttered. [more]
holayouse has shared 3 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Separated, Soon to Divorce

    Getting On With Life My daughter, 28 years old and an HR executive with an IT Corporation, is going through separation from her 5 year old marriage.  She had married her boyfriend after 5 years of going … [more]
  • I Fantasize About Being With Other Women

    Over Time The first one was Karen, my friend's wife.  She later divorced him to remarry.  She was dark complexioned, buxom and dressed simple but could not stop her sex appeal from oozing.  Sh… [more]
  • I And My Friend's Wife

    She Tried To .... My friend David was a flamboyant young man with the gift of the gab.  He married his long time girlfriend Karen who was an intelligent and at the same time a voluptuous woman with femininity w… [more]
  • I Love British Accents

    Her Skirt... There was a British couple travelling in the train compartment I was in.  The young woman was wearing a cotton crepe long skirt.  There were children in the compartment running around.&nb… [more]