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I Have a Confession

Reading old posts, confessions and stories and just cringing. I've deleted a few.Christ, how much I've changed to understand how melodramatic and pitiful. Hahaha :') [more]
  • So I'm back...

    Posted on: April 20th, 2014 at 7:33PM

    I just remembered that this website existed and popped back on to see what I wrote way back when... and wow. It's actually phenominal how much I have changed and, for lack of a better phrase, "grown up" since I started using this. So an update as of sorts is that I've been through an apprenticeship in Civil Engineering and am now a Junior Engineer working on airports. All the little problems and insignificant things I used to post about are long gone, my Internet life is minimal as I'm too busy and gladly have other things to be doing and enjoying rather than sitting on a computer. Life's good, stressful but good. I guess that comes with adulthood and work and all that polava. (I adore that … [more]


  • First post is first

    Posted on: May 7th, 2012 at 6:45PM

    Think it'd just be easier to introduce myself in my first post yknow, gives people somewhere to start when/if they ever read this.So I'm from the UK, the West Midlands to be precise and I'm a soon-to-be professional wrestler. To counter this, no I'm not in the greatest shape yet, and my athleticism whilst is improving isn't great. This is my passion, I breathe eat and sleep wrestling. My health is a major part of my life now and I am trying my damnedest to get into peak health. I am a geek, nerd or whatever you wanna call me. I'm into Sci Fi, yes Star Wars and all that shabang. I read a load of books, comics, play games yada yada. If it's geeky I'll probably know something about it.I'm worki… [more]