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my name is ravin im 18 and thats all i wanna share right now

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I Live Your Life

Eight-teen And Falling Apart My name is ravin livermore im 18 and falling apart. I was 8 yrs old when I went to the dr. and found out i had joint hypermobility. Both my wrists four of my fingers my elbows&nbsp... [more]
  • I Live Your Life

    To Celebrate Life Or Morn Death ok this makes story three and one of the most mind blowing things ive been threw i will start of with my 17 birthday on 4/11/09 i  tuned 17 wi was so happy i was almost 18 my unkle billy called a… [more]
  • I Live Your Life

    Injuries it all started when i was three i triked down basement steps got my fore head butterflied shut then i was about nine when i did my next daring act i roller bladed down a metal slide got t… [more]
  • I Had A Dream

    well let me start off by saying my grandma died when i was fourteen yrs old ..... ever since then i had a verry werid dream it starts with my grandma and i cleaning this big victorian style house with… [more]
  • I Had A Dream

    ok so i was the same age in my dream but i got a new place ... it was little but nice not alone there was a little girl and she knew she was dead ... all she wanted me to do was leave she kept telling… [more]