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I Am 17, And I Have Never Dated

Never dated or any of that. Just never saw the point in it. [more]
  • I Am Too Shy to Start a Relationship

    I'm Just To Damn Shy... I am too damn shy. I am American, but I live in Shanghai, China, and go to the British International School (I could make a song about my life!). At my school, there's a Finnish girl that I really, re… [more]
  • I Am a Loner

    I have been a loner all 17 years of my life. I have plenty of friends, and some really good friends, but I've never dated, firstly because I never saw a point, and secondly I moved away from the one g… [more]
  • I Have Had A Not-so-good Year

    and I have bounced back to the happy side! In February, I moved back to the US after living in Shanghai, China for 3 years. I never got to ask the girl I liked out because I was too shy and waited, an… [more]