Female , 18-21

Blonde hair, that's natural and has gone more of a mousy brown now :( . Blue eyes, straight teeth (only because i had braces :P )
Not girly one bit, but not a total tom boy either. A few pounds over curvy.
Cant sing for my life.
Cant dance to save my life.
Doesnt do much apart from reading, eating sleeping, and watching anime and decent films. Has a boring life ino.
-Is obsessed with Japanese culture and loves anime and manga with a passion i think its so beautiful
-Am also a little obsessed with vampires, and angels. Am not religious but i like the thought of angles. Not angles that are woman or cherubs but like actual real people with wings haha .. ive been reading a lot of fiction about angels lately....
-Am in Collage, and Art student, but i wouldn't say i was very good at art, its just something ive always enjoyed. Illustration and 3d work as well as graphics is more off my thing.
-I do NOT have a life plan, and its stressing me out, but i just dont know what to do :/ hmmmmm

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Favorite Quote I have to many, but this is one of them: No matter what they say, life is really about love, always love.
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Music stuff that's usually never heard off
Movies memoirs of a geisha,Ninja assassin,harry potter films, lord of the rings, Micheal, straw dogs- and so on
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I Am Not Scared of Death

Death Stands With Us All, Only When We Are Ready Will He Take Our Hands Id never seen a dead body before, and of course there have been deaths in my family but so far they have been very distant relatives apart from my grandad who passed away when I was little. But I was... [more]
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  • I Don't Like Drinking

    I Dont Get It The main social thing to do here is drink. And I really don't understand it. I enjoy a glass or two, and yeah sure ill stay out a couple of hours feeling slightly jolly and having interesting conver… [more]
  • dad. 20/01/2012

    Posted on: January 20th, 2012 at 4:42PM

    2nd post in one night! Its cus am bored... and still waiting for my sisters friends to leave. I have already told her to tell them to go, and its been two hours.. I hate looking after her. She's 15 but she acts like she's 18 .. I cant stand it. When I was 15 I still loved watching as much films and tv as possible and also reading. I didnt go out every chance I got. She's drinking a lot as well. And I found out she smokes... Mother doesnt know. And am not going to tell her. If she finds out its got nothing to do with me. Am stepping away, when that storm hits. Because it will. It always will. She's a kid but she never acts like one. Hell I still act like a kid and am 19! I dont really care th… [more]


  • ooppss I missed a post :( 11/01/2012

    Posted on: January 11th, 2012 at 8:32AM

    ah i missed a post, i wasn't very well. but i spose it doesn't really matter since all i did was sit there and sleep, so nothing to report. I have to go into college tomorrow, I have to hand in my art history essay. I don't actually have one yet. haha I have to work on it today, well when I say work on it i mean start it. Ive had weeks and weeks but just haven't got round to doing it. Even this morning i got up and have just read, now am on this and fb, so am really wasting my time. Ill get it done in a sec i promise myself haha Ill sit down put some music on, light some incense sticks and ill set to work, that shall help me concentrate i hope :PAm feeling a bit weak today. haven't eaten any… [more]


  • The first post 03/01/2012

    Posted on: January 3rd, 2012 at 1:12PM

    Well, first post, and I had it planned out all in my head that I knew what I was going to babble on about. And now I have no idea what to put. I don't really even know why I started this, I guess I just felt like keeping tabs on my every day (boring ) life,, you know just in case I some how forget everything :p .. it seemed like a good idea. As I was saying.. What was I saying? oh yes. I have no idea what to put. hmmm. Good job I decided today that if anything interesting happened at all I would write it down on my iPod. But I warn you, nothing about me is interesting :P  haha Weather has been terrible! Oh gosh am talking about the weather, how dull. But yeah it hasn't been this bad in a whi… [more]


  • Missing culture 07/01/2012

    Posted on: January 7th, 2012 at 5:57PM

    Hey hey.. hmm what to say what to sayyy... Usually Saturdays are busy days were people sleep in a little bit late but then go out and make the most of it.. I haven't stepped one foot out of the door. I finished my book though last night. Angel kiss, really really good, its a hidden gem that one! you don't expect it to be what it is.  Do you know what the best kind of  "lets be fat and stay in" food is? bbq ribs and chips! Nom nom nom. Not American chips(crisps) actual chip chips. chippy chips :P .. I ate it all! And now i feel huge but it tasted so good!  You know the sad thing about living in England is that we don't really have culture. I live over the Mersy from Liverpool and liverpools m… [more]