Female , 18-21

Blonde hair, that's natural and has gone more of a mousy brown now :( . Blue eyes, straight teeth (only because i had braces :P )
Not girly one bit, but not a total tom boy either. A few pounds over curvy.
Cant sing for my life.
Cant dance to save my life.
Doesnt do much apart from reading, eating sleeping, and watching anime and decent films. Has a boring life ino.
-Is obsessed with Japanese culture and loves anime and manga with a passion i think its so beautiful
-Am also a little obsessed with vampires, and angels. Am not religious but i like the thought of angles. Not angles that are woman or cherubs but like actual real people with wings haha .. ive been reading a lot of fiction about angels lately....
-Am in Collage, and Art student, but i wouldn't say i was very good at art, its just something ive always enjoyed. Illustration and 3d work as well as graphics is more off my thing.
-I do NOT have a life plan, and its stressing me out, but i just dont know what to do :/ hmmmmm

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Favorite Quote I have to many, but this is one of them: No matter what they say, life is really about love, always love.
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Books Entangled,sookie stackhouse books, twilight saga,harry potter, Memoirs of a geisha - Many many more
Music stuff that's usually never heard off
Movies memoirs of a geisha,Ninja assassin,harry potter films, lord of the rings, Micheal, straw dogs- and so on
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