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If you are curious about anything just ask me but have an intelligent question. You will have to have something more in your email then "HEY"

EP has changed so much over the last few years, About the only writing that is allowed currently is kiddy subjects like furry kittens and what people had for breakfast. But as you will notice... in their sidebar is a sexy picture of a woman containing a "want to cheat today" ad? But my real life infidelity (no banned words, nor key phrases) are disallowed?

But then EP was starting to become a haven for too much vulgarity. I don't know where the happy medium is and its their website so I shouldn't complain! Its too bad that EP has fallen so far... I predict it will go down as myspace went and end up like yahoo answers is now. Stupid questions and even dumber answers. Such as life!

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I Have Cheated On My Husband

After everything, my husband and I knew we shouldn't of married to begin with but we did, hindsight is 20-20 as they say. I was lonely when he was deployed and met a guy who I knew from before my... [more]
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    My Mother found my toy
    I almost died! I have no problems with using one and I have always been careful because my daughter and I are living with my parents again, after my separation from my husband. We share my old bedroom so I am always so careful. But (there is always a but) one morning, I stayed in bed too long and late, I was so rushed for time, I got out of the shower and my Mother was in my room and there it was on my night stand as big as day. As I came in the doorway... there she is standing there and staring at it. Nothing was ever said about that day and every time I think of it I just want to die!… [more]